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Check out Ren! Here she is playing the song 'Highly Strung' from our beginner Ukulele course. Great job!

Here's Clara with a great rendition of one of our Grade Debut songs. Amazingly, this was filmed after only three lessons! 🤯


You Need A Ukulele in Your Life - Here’s 5 Reasons Why!


The ukulele is a fantastic instrument to learn and perform with. Whenever you play one it really is difficult not to smile, and you will no doubt bring joy to others when playing! Below we have 5 Reasons for you to start learning Ukulele today

1. Buying One Won’t Break the Bank


This is a biggy for many - they are super affordable! A beginner’s ukulele can cost very little and they come in several sizes. When you start it doesn't matter how much you spend, as any version you have will help you learn the Beginner Ukulele Course!



2. Ukulele Is Easy to Learn


The ukulele is easier to learn than the guitar and most other stringed instruments. Its softer nylon strings are gentler on your fingertips and the fret sizes mean that minimal stretching is needed. And because it’s small, it’s easy to hold and won’t cause as much tension in the wrist.



3. An Instrument for All Ages


The ukulele is the perfect instrument for all ages ranging from small children to the elderly. It is easy to travel with and even easier to store at home!



4. They Have A Great Sound Which Just Makes You Smile


Most popular songs can be simplified to be easily played with ukulele chords. This means that most of the music you come across can be adapted to the ukulele and it will sound awesome. Ever heard ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole? It’s killer! He took a classic and with great vocals and simple ukulele chords he reinvented it completely.



5. Fantastic Foundation for Graduating to Other Instruments


The Ukulele is a great instrument in its own right, but once you have mastered the basics on this fun four stringed instrument you will have built the foundations to transition to guitar or many other instruments. As you will have learnt the basics of understanding rhythm, reading music and developing chord vocabulary using ukulele chords, all of these skills can help you transition easier!

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